Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dr. Pandora Love

...Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love my Pandora Shame

It's pretty much inevitable. You'll build a Pandora station, and out will come this song that you really like and you've never heard it before and so you click over to the pandora page and ... oh, my, god: Cyndi Lauper ?!? How will I ever live with the shame?

I'm being harsh on Ms. Lauper. I really don't know her oevre other than her hits of two decades ago. It's just that a cut of her's is an example of the kind of personal issue that Pandora makes you confront. Are you going to let what you know or don't know about a particular band color your opinion of a particular track?

I've had to train myself not to immediate reject a track just because it's by someone, gasp, popular (or who, at least has been popular). It's hard to resist that condidtioning and just admit that you like a track.

Of course, it'll take a bit more for me to buy an album by a popular artist I did not "discover" before they were popular. However, I'm saying right now that if I hear two tracks that I like on the same album by someone like Ms. Lauper, then I'll buy that album.

Speaking of Pandora-based purchasing I bought my first two cd's this week based on Pandora supplied music. That's $20 so far that Pandora has won for the industry from me. I'll put up a post about them when I've worked my way through them.


jim said...

you bought them three months ago, lets hear how they were!

Mertseger said...

Let's see.

Luka Bloom's Before Sleep Comes was great but SHORT. Nice compositions great voice. It's a quiet album.

Blackmore Night's Past Times With Good Company was a bit meh for me, but did lead me to get Ghost of a Rose which I like quite a bit better.

Mary Black's The Best of Mary Black just didn't do it for me. I love her version of "Song for Ireland" but the restof the complilation is a bit MOR for me.

My favorite Pandora incented purchase so far has been Honey, I'm Homely. Really fun ska, and an excellent single in "Elvis and Me."

I'm also looking forward to the Comus collection which I ordered this week, but have not yet received. Based on the tracks I've heard via Pandora, I'm agog that there was a 70's album which was this witchy but of which I'd never heard.