Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ethic of Blood

Hee! I just had an article and poem published in Witch Eye #13. I came across the Witcheye Yahoo group a month or so ago, and Storm was asking for submissions with a deadline that weekend. I cranked out two poems on Friday, and then told him I could do an article on Monday. As always, I am drawn to ethical matters like the proverbial moth; hence, I explored the idea of one particular ethic of a Faerie bloodline.

I was shocked when I looked up the role of iron in human blood to see a diagram of the heme molecule in which the Fe atom is at the center of a cross of four N's. I immediately thought of our circle casting and the role of the priestess in relation to the seven directions. What fun.


jim said...

neat-oh, and congrats with the poems. do you have the link to get to them to read?

... i found your link via the most recent pandora post (and i agree, the features are amazing) so don't be alarmed. also, i noticed your playlist on in the side panel of your blog. thanks, i did not know that pandora had that.



jim said...

... so after i think that is it cool, i can't find this on their site.

... a little help please?

Mertseger said...

Hi, Jim,

Neither I nor Witcheye have those two poems up yet. I usually don't get around to updateing my poetry site ( when I've got a good sized batch of new poems. If you're interested in Pagan poetry in particular, you can go to which has that has links to my previous 145 Pagan themed poems. My major pieces are probably,, and .

Also, a fan-based, Pandora message board has opened at Do join us there, if you like to talk about Pandora.