Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Superpower: An Ineffable Capacity to Bore/Young Love Part 6

Okay, so maybe whining is not the answer to winning Jane's affection.  Maybe if I apply my vastly greater perspective as a JUNIOR, I can help her with her problems:

On College

          What is college life really about, Jane?
As you can see from the fact that I ended a line with it, her name really is Jane.  I shan't reveal her last name, but it would not matter much if I did.  The name she had in college does not seem to show up on the web, and so I presume she got married at some point.

          Problem sets, boring lectures, GPA’s,
          No time to sleep, intellectual strain,
          Declaring majors and long final days?
I managed to sleep ten-hours a night in my college days (to the envy and disgust of my floormates).  I never could understand the ritual of going to a library for hours each night, talking to each other, and avoiding actually doing the assignments and then complaining about not getting enough sleep.  I'd work on the problem sets in the afternoon, and if there were any problems I could not solve, I'd review them before sleeping, and then, more often than not, wake up with the answer. 

          The important part of college involves
          None of these, for beneath the constant strife
          You will find that most people need to solve
          The dilemma of an undeclared life.
And that remains true.

          You must discover yourself and your needs.

Know thyself! 
Is this the least romantic love sonnet ever written?
          You must find out what is important to you.
          And after you know yourself well indeed
          You will know, at last, what you want to do.
          But unless you learn that, all the knowledge
          You’ve gained will be worthless after college.
Yes, yes it is.

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